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What does the National History Club do?

The National History Club Inc. (NHC) inspires students and teachers to start history club chapters at high schools, middle schools, and within other student and community programs. Members of local history club chapters participate in local and national programs, and create their own projects and activities. The NHC also provides chapters with resources and services that will help them increase the activity and impact of their history club. To date, the NHC has founded history club chapters at high schools and middle schools in 43 states, and there are over 10,000 student members.




Why History?

History is the only topic taught in every secondary school that can engage students of any interest in understanding and tackling human problems in the real world. In history there is truly something for everyone. History is political, artistic, social, economic, military, athletic, scientific, cultural, religious, technological, literary, philosophical, geographic, ethnic, and mathematical. History can be as contemporary as yesterday and as ancient as Mesopotamia, as near as the city one lives in and as far away as Andromeda. History can be seen and touched, read and written, made and remembered. Everyone is a part of history.

Most importantly, the study of history builds the critical skills students need to become responsible citizens and effective leaders. Researching and discovering new information, as well as reading, synthesizing, and communicating that information effectively: these are the skills that make someone successful in business, civic life, and even science. Most professional employees are expected to write. More than half of all companies take writing skills into account in making promotion decisions.

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