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Welcome to Welcome Central BETA Club 

Beta Club is an honor society devoted to service.  The three keys are Achievement, Character, and Leadership.  In order to become a member you must have a numerical average of at least 80 and above, have been enrolled in four academic classes for the current school year, and have an acceptable discipline record.  Once you are a member of Beta, you will be expected to uphold these qualifications and participate in various service activities to the school and community.  It is an honor to be a part of Beta Club, as well as an excellent opportunity to develop your leadership abilities.


Beta club members are expected to accumulate school and community service points to maintain membership.  Under-classmen are expected to accumulate at least 50 points per year and graduating seniors must accumulate 60 points to earn a stole for graduation. In addition, members may not miss more than 2 meetings per semester or they will be put on probation and eventually dropped from the membership rolls.


Points will be earned accordingly:


1   point per club meeting
5   points per service projects
5   points per fundraising event
10 points per Beta Club Convention


Service projects are activities in which we perform caring act to serve others in our community.  Projects may be completed in school such as helping teachers or outside such as volunteering in the community.  

Fundraising.  No organization can function without money so participation in fundraising activities is very important.  Everyone is expected to participate in fundraising events.


Beta Club Convention is a once a year convention held downtown Atlanta where Beta Club members get together to demonstrate their academic, social and service abilities.  This is a two day event and is an overnight trip during the Spring.

Beta Club Membership

Beta Club members are inducted the spring semester of their sophomore year. Students must have a B average (3.00) in their academic classes in order to be inducted. As a member, each student is required to complete 25 hours of community service per semester (50 hours per year) and obtain 75 points per semester (150 per year). Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month in the school's library. Some of the highlights of being a member of the Beta Club include participating in Home Coming Parade, a pizza party, Veteran's Day program, and the Honors Day ceremony. Some of the service opportunities offered by the Beta Club include tutoring, collecting treats for local children, helping teachers in their classrooms, collecting Christmas toys for disadvantage children, and helping with the Partners in Education banquet.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the National Beta Club shall be to promote the ideals of character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students, to reward meritorious achievement and to encourage and assist students in continuing their education after high school.


Vision Statement

The National Beta Club, a student-centered organization, continually develops and nurtures individuals by providing opportunities and experiences enabling them to demonstrate the ideals of character, achievement, service and leadership in a global community.

The WCHS Beta Club is a service organization where outstanding students get together to serve and improve our school and commmunity.  Check out our pictures of our members in action!