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Drama Club

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Welcome to Wilcox Central High Drama Club

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"Since ancient times, the stage has been a place for communal storytelling, a place where groups of people come to seek truth, to celebrate and mourn, to bring history and literature to life." Learning to see through that window and understand what is in that mirror should be a fundamental part of every student's preparation to participate in our society. The purpose of this organization is the promotion of cultural knowledge of the arts and to broaden each student's acting interest. The membership of the organization is made up of 9th through 12th grade students of worthy character, good mentality, and academic eligibility. Many activities of the Drama Club include field trips, homecoming activities, and participation in all WCHS activities throughout the schoot year.

Each year the drama class spends many class periods creating a set and memorizing lines for a play to be done near the end of the semester. The students create the set, choose the colors, and bring in supplies to make it come to life. Every student in the class has a role in the play whether it is on stage or off. All roles are crucial to the performance! The students are always sad when we have to move class from the auditorium back to the classroom. Every year is a fun and new experience with a new play and fresh faces. 

Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month during club day.

Dues are $10.

Our goal is to enhance theatre arts in the community and at school.

"As a tale, so is life; not how long
it is, but how good it is, is what matters."

-Seneca (4? B.C.-65 A.D.)