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Wilcox Central High School Cheerleading Squad

Jaguar Cheerleaders 2016-17
Jaguar Cheerleaders 2016-17


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The ABC's of High School Cheerleading

High School cheerleading is where all the fun begins. You have summer camp, games, homecoming, pep rallies, and many other exciting events to look forward to. Not only are the simple aspects of high school cheerleading exciting, but you will notice that practices become demanding, you will experience what it’s like to cheer at games with stands full of screaming fans, and you will become a role model to those around you. You hold a very important job as a high school cheerleader, so we want to show you exactly what to expect with our guide to high school cheerleading!

Tryouts are a great way to start a new year. Depending on the coach or cheerleading advisor at your school, the tryout date can be scheduled anytime from late winter to early spring, and the process usually lasts an entire week. All high school tryouts are different, but at most, you will start off the week by taking a “cheerleading clinic” after school where you will learn a cheer, sideline, and dance. Each day until the day of tryouts, you will practice and try to perfect each move. Some schools may set aside time at the clinics to work on tumbling and stunt skills each day as well.

On the day of tryouts you should be well rested, eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, and drink lots of water. Most high schools run their tryouts similar, but at all of them, you will be expected to dress neatly, with your hair pulled up, and no jewelry. You will more than likely tryout in a group of three to four other girls, where you are instructed to perform a run-out with optional tumbling, a toe touch, and the cheer and dance you learned at the beginning of the week. A panel of three to five judges will score you on categories such as spirit, eye contact, sharpness, and ability. Once everyone has tried out, the results will either be called out or posted.

High school cheerleading tryouts can be one of the most exciting times in a girl’s life. Whether you cheered in junior high school or you have no cheerleading experience, it’s always good to go into tryouts with confidence. Make the experience as fun as possible, no matter what.