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Jeffrey Dean Staff Photo
Subjects Taught



 BS - University of Alabama

Teacher Certification - Alabama State University



My teaching experience is as follows. I taught at Elmore Alternative School (2007-08), Russell High School(2008 -10) World History, Stanhope Elmore (2010-11) World History, Avanced World History, Contemporary Issues. Here at Wilcox Central High School, this is my fifth year. I have taught United States History 10 and this is my first teaching Government and Economics 12th grade. 


Prior to entering the teaching profession, I was involvement in Retail Management at Macy's and Bed Bath and Beyond (Atlanta, Georgia). I, then, began to be Director with Pre-Paid Legal Service where I recruited teachers who wanted to make additional money. During this time, I thought I could better serve others by being the teacher I had who encouraged, supported, and motivated me along with my family. So, In 2002, I entered the Alabama State University Certification Completion Program where I graduated with a 3.6 GPA. As a result, I am able to utilize my history and political science to help understand the political process and the world from a historical perspective.